Dragones Dogma: Dark Arisen es un remaster con algunas mejoras gráficas del juego publicado originalmente para PS3 en 2012. Éste juego tiene unas de las mejores —si no las mejores— animaciones para las habilidades del personaje que he visto en mucho tiempo en un videojuego. Las críticas hacia este juego han sido generalmente buenas y ha ganado una legión fans de culto que siguen el juego incluso hasta hoy.

Es muy importante decir que Dragon’s Dogma fue el intento por parte de Capcom de crear un RPG de mundo abierto como Skyrim o la serie Fallout. Y la verdad obtuvieron muy buenos resultados.

El hombre tras la creación y dirección de este juego no es otro que Hideaki Itsuno, también responsable de la saga Devil May Cry.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is a remaster with some graphic improvements of the originally released game for PS4 in 2012. This game has one of the best —if not the best— spellcasting and skill animations seen in a very long time in a videogame. Critics towards this game were generally good and  the game won a legion of cult fans that follow the game until today.

It’s very important to say that Dragon’s Dogma was Capcom’s attemt to creat an open world  RPG just like Skyrim or the Fallout series. And they really got good results here.

The man behind the creation and direction of this game is none other than Hideaki Itsuno, also responsible for the Devil May Cry saga.

2-3 years after the release of the first game, Capcom launched Dragon’s Dogma Online in Japan. The game never made outside this country, even though it was originally planned for the western market.

All critics have said at some point that after the release of Devil May Cry 5 next April Itsuno may start the development of a new Dragon’s Dogma, mostly because he already stated that he has some nice ideas and he’d like to make another one.

Nigromancia en Dragon’s Dogma

Esqueletos reanimados en Dragon’s Dogma

Necromancy does exist in Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen… but not in the way one would usually expect. We have quite a lot of Dark-based spells and even one of the spells is called Necromancy (which, in turn, has a stronger version called High Necromancy). But this skill does not involve the summoning of the dead in any way. A few skulls will float around us and chase enemies as they get close enough to us. Other Dark based spells will inflict debuffs on enemies such as Torpor (blind), Sopor (sleep), Lassitude (slow) and so on. Maelstrom is the most powerful dark spell in the game and it will summon a gigantic and devastating dark tornado.

All in all we have to admit that spellcasting (and the spells themselves) is something extremely well done in this game, which in turn will make the experience quite enjoyable. Even in PS4 the game runs at constant 60fps, which is quite an achievement.

Game is at a reduced price, quite worth playing even today. Grab it as soon as possible if you can!